SUN RISE  "we" "us" "Our"Service" collect information in some cases to make service quality batter with better user experience and sure to provide better service. your privacy is to priority and this privacy policy will explain  how and why how often gather some information of asked by application to grant some permissions. Our Privacy Policy for Application. 1. Location Acess_Fine_Location and Aces_ Coares_ Location; This Permission Allows Application to show his precise location and approximate location. 2. Read Your Messages (Text, Sms, MMS) This permission is not used By to upload or save your messages this is just to read  your messages when you initiate message searching and display possible results 3.  Wi-Fi connections  This permission is used by Smart app droid in settings and notification toolbar in order to connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi. 4.Adjust your wallpaper size  This permission allows us